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Aerosoft Australia Strikes Again!

Started by jackpilot, October 28, 2010, 11:52:12 AM

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A new 737 Avionics Package for FSX ...at AUD 60 !!

That combo seems to be aiming at the "high end" desktop simmers more than the full cockpit builders, as some systems are apparently not modeled,  but at that price, coming from a serious vendor, it might be the bargain of the moment for some .Worth a try, full Demo working for 30 days.  http://www.aerosoft.com.au/home/home.html


Aerosim Solutions

I have been talkin to Andrew the owner of Aerosoft and he is planning to introduce interface capabilities soon, I think he will do well with this product!

Cheers Gwyn
Boeing 737NG using Prepar3D v4.5, Prosim737, FDS SYS cards, FDS CDUs, CP Flight MCP Pro & EFIS Pro & Aerosim Solutions hardware of course!<br />Check out my website here -<br />http://www.aerosimsolutions.com.au


Quote from: Aerosim Solutions on October 29, 2010, 02:51:42 AM
I have been talkin to Andrew the owner of Aerosoft

Say Hello to him. He is a very nice and talented guy. I was one of the firsts to get my Aerosoft MCP, Ions ago!!
Still have it BTW.. built like a tank.
That Avionics project was already on the drawing board at that time .
Good memories.



Some news ...
here is a reprint from Avsim news.
That software seems to be aiming higher...TBC for sure.

Aerosoft Australia has updated its AeroSystems B737 Avionics suite for the 737. This version now has a traffic advisory display that shows the location and altitude of other aircraft. Best of all though is the support for Flight Deck Solutions B737NG-PROMX-CDU. No programming is required, just plug in and configure. The software also has a new display that allows scaling and positioning of the CDU text window anywhere on the screen. Select full screen mode, plug in your FDS CDU and you have a very real set up. Tens of thousands of waypoints, airports, runways, navaids and airways from Navigraph come with the software, all accessible through the CDU.



Aerosoft released a new version 3.0a of their avionic suite. Direct support for goflight mcp pro and efis, but also now for cpflight
Mcp and Efis. Autoland possible etc, sids now for the fmc, stars coming with later version.
For cockpit builder like me, beginning, testing etc, the best way to start working wih a glass cokpit software.

Greetings from Germany (EDDK - Cologne)


Hi Guys

Anyone got the FDS CDU running with Aersoft?  Can select Aersoft in the CDU driver, but for the life of me the display doesn't come up and keystrokes aren't recognised.  CDU works as expected when in test mode.




I have it working now.

No real secrets, configured in the FDS-CDU software for Aerosystems. Saved.

Make sure the CDU software is running when everything starts up.

Try to re-configure it while everything is running and see if it starts up? Save. Just as a test?
Steve Cos
Flightdeck Solutions, Newmarket Ontario,Canada
Special Projects and Technical Support



Thanks guys will give it a go.




Helleo Peter!
Just a question, are you runung your aerosoft avionic suite in a network envirement?
If so i is important that the cdu is in the same pc attaccheh that shows the pfd and nd.  the nd,pfd snd cdu must be the same aeroavionic (green desktop smbol).

my setup-  pc 1 aeroserver, avionhHIc, lower and upper eicas, standby ec

pc 2, pfd, nd cdu (through touchscreen)

Hope you understand it.

Greetigs Kresimir


Brilliant Software!

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