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FSWeekend 2009

Started by Trevor Hale, November 06, 2009, 04:40:25 AM

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when acting as a wave

Quote from: Boeing Skunk Works on November 25, 2009, 02:24:59 PM
That goes all the way back to my thread about "Who actaullay fly's their sim" some weeks ago.

A lot of of us are flying them, but are we flying them correctly? I mean, we spend tons of money of these things that wives just roll their eyeballs at, and (unless they know better) real aluminum tube pilots think we're just playing airline pilot for a few hours at a time. And unless we are doing it right, I think we're wasting our money.

Do we use the performance charts, plan the flight; the way it's supposed to be, and can we really fly the damn airplane? That's my biggest question I really want to know the answer to. I see a lot of videos on U-tube, but I don't see a lot of airmanship or procedure, or even getting the aircraft down in one piece had it been a real landing. I see being about 20 miles behind the airplane, procedural errors, goss incompetance, innattention, complacencey, etc, etc.

Am I alone out there in the cockpit world? Or am I just too 'ate up' with trying to fly this 727 out of my basement to Munich? Please tell me I'm wrong.

I couldn't fly to save myself, but my father certainly learns the most correct way that he can, although again, he has three or four pilots who regularly visit to see any progress and test/evaluate the 'feeling' of whatever improvement has been made, so they're always giving tips and explanations.

A while ago (though it didn't actually turn out because the video camera we'd focused on the overhead failed us) we recorded him performing an entire engine start-up in the simulator to post on Youtube, but he wasn't really sure that he should've shown exactly how you'd do it anyway. People want to see how it's done though, yes?
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Trevor Hale

LOL, Oh for sure.  We all post videos of out Cockpits.. I understand why your father is a bit apprehensive, but Its all good.  I am sure when more of the project is completed you will get to learn to fly is as good as he does.  Simply by doing procedures over and over again.  Repetition is the key, and I bet within one year you will know the checklists off by heart.

Trevor Hale


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Worldflight Team USA


when acting as a wave

Haha, this is true. After attempting to record the start-up process four times in a row, I was almost starting to understand what he was doing!
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Manufacturer of backlit panels and other parts
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I was there on Sunday and the best thing about these events is not the museum, not the hardware, but talking with people you only knew by forums, mails, etc Talk with people with the same hobby. There was some good hardware and flight sim clubs. Coming from Belgium (did about 470km that day, thanks to my father for bringing me and a friend. He likes cars, and 1km of the event there is a big circuit so he had a great day too..). I talked to everyone, it's just so nice discovering what they all are doing/making. I don't know why, but revolution throttle was just in front of Opencockpits throttle and Bart was with FlightDeckSoftware just next to a complete stand with Project Magenta... :P Exterior was great too. The 747 was just, how can I say, big ? other planes where nice too. But it was already time to get back home, with some Opencockpits hardware of course ;D

For me, the museum at Paris was better, but the flightsim event was better in Lelystad.


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