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Correct B737 MIP dimensions?

Started by Matschtaucher, December 10, 2012, 09:02:37 AM

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Hi FlightSim-Fans,

I am finally starting my B737NG-home-cokpit-project, which is in my head since years...

It will not be 100% scale, my available money and my building skill will limit this. It should become the best, I can afford (in the first time only with Saitek throttels and yoke and o overhead - but correct dimesions, double-seated, fully closed and "professional" MIP- and pedestral-compnents.

I work with google sketchup and I'm frustated about to find so many different measures (many cockpit-sites link all to the same documents, which are not 100% accurate or complete...)

I habe 2D-exports of sketchup and the actual 3D-Model as download:


You can easily measure all kinds of data. Btw: Google Sketchup is freeware and easy to use (after a short while...).

My questions:

How far out is the MCP hanging out? I did it 137mm just by my feeling, but now I think, this is a bit too far?
What should be the angle of the top of the FWD (FMCs)? I found somewhere "aproximately" 30°. Does this look correct?
I think the small lower MIP-panels to the left and right are parallel to the FWD-top. Correct?
I fond some home-cokcpit-builder-phots, that have different angles on the FWD-top and the lower MIP-panels...

Look at my first picture:

I took the dimensions of the glareshuield completely of some plan. The sides don't fit to something in the moment, but what do You think of having a little gap at the sides, that would have the window even inside the MIP...  :huh:
What is wrong? The Main windows are 780mm wide and they are straight - correct?

I also could show pictures with measured dimesions of my project. When it's finifshed it will be in the net for download. This will help a lot of starters, I think.

Thanks for You patience and Your thoughts.



December 10, 2012, 10:12:47 AM #1 Last Edit: December 10, 2012, 10:21:28 AM by Matschtaucher
Ok, I found another document, that also says 30°. I think this is correct.

What's still missing is, how much the MCP stands out the main panel.



This site has many dimensions including the ones you want.


It advises that the distance from MIP to the face of the MCP is 310mm. I confirm that my FDS MIP and MCP has an identical distance of 310mm
Also the site says that the angle between the glareshield and horizontal is 15 .deg, which again seems about right



This is the best set of complete dimensions.




December 10, 2012, 04:39:37 PM #5 Last Edit: December 10, 2012, 04:43:51 PM by jackpilot
Starting with something like this would save you months  of frustration and would allow building everything else on a solid and true basis
Not that expensive as it includes backlighted panels and you will end up anyway spending 3/4 of that for a lesser result.
Just my 2¢ :D





I agree with Jack to 100% even if I have made my own MIP myself.   ;D
I did it with the help of 1:1 adhesive drawing for the front panel, but in the end faced problems that would have been avoided by using an FDS ready made (and exact) structure.
The finish of a "do it yourself" MIP can be good, but not even close to a pro manufactured one.
The "savings" are on the minimal side.

My 1 cent,
Fly Safe - Low and slow
There are Young Pilots there are Bold Pilots but no Bold and Old Pilots.


Did you ever update you MIP drawing and did it turn out well?

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