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B737 Overhead Height

Started by julianknaf, January 30, 2016, 04:35:45 AM

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Hi everyone,

I recently built kind of a structure to put in the Overhead. Now The window frames and everything are finishid and they look kind of richt, but in my opinion the verhead comes down pretty far. I`ve mesured the height at the front, so the side where the lights are located at and it`s 1,26m from the floor. At the back it`s 1,53m from the floor. Is it the right height, because if I would sit upright on my improvised chair which has a height of 45cm i can touch the overhead with my head :o ...

I`m just talking about the FWD Overhead, the AFT is gonna be built later...

Best greetings from EDDF,

PS: The beginning (1,26m) Is below the upper end of my window frames so I think it HAS to be too low but could you help me out with the right measures?


1m28 front 1m59 back

Your dimensions are approx right, ± a few centimeters

When the seat if up front your head is close to the "ceiling" ...normal

You may also lower your seat a bit more.




Hey Jack,

thank you very much for your fast reply, so the heights are right but I think the thing now is that maybe my window frames are too high? Because the top pf them is 1,39m above the floor... Idk if this is the point, because the markuspilot mesurements (http://markuspilot.com/flightdeck/M07-Fwd-Overhead.html) say something like 20cm above the glareshield which mine isn't... I really don't know how to go on, because I can't find the mistake...

Also, in this picture the overhead looks not so far under the window tops as mine...

My Overhead is also not located 10cm behind the glareshield it's something like 35cm... So maybe the mistake is that the whole overhead (FWD/AFT) is located too far to the back.. The back-end of the AFT-Overhead is located about 1,40m measured from the glareshield.. Is that too far?



January 30, 2016, 06:16:09 AM #3 Last Edit: January 30, 2016, 06:29:16 AM by MjTom

I'm also going to construct the overhead.
I have a little bit time, because I have harden up the drusts with epoxy.
markus measures are correct....I can show you some pictures.

top of my MIP: 110cm above floor
forward edge overhead: 10 cm forward, 20 cm upwards =130cm above floor = lower edge of window frame

so long, Thomas


Hi Thomas,

thank you! So I think I will have to lower all my windows by 10cm so that everything gets right. But I think pictures would be nice if it would be possible.

Thank you for your help


Hey Thomas and everybody else,

Could you give me one more distance? It's the distance between the glareshield and where the AFT overhead ends (if you have already done this one)
I would be glad if you or somebody else could give me that distance. Another thing is the small gap between the two overhead panels. How wide is it?

Thank you very much

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