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Will Depart in...



Update on our motion project

Started by dnoize, February 24, 2010, 11:14:59 PM

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Quote from: bussgarfield on May 25, 2010, 04:25:08 AM
Simply stunning Stef.

Probably one of the many overlooked features in a simulator is the sound system. Can I ask what you will be using and where the speakers will be housed.

Keep up the great work.


I plan on using multiple soundcards to be able to spread the sounds over seperate systems.
This sim will be running the Flightdecksoftware suite and we are closely working with Bart on several aspects.

Bart is currently working on the sounds and the GPWS sounds have been incorporated allready.

Speakers will be places on the spots where they are in the real craft too: in the ceiling trim and at the cdu bay. Underfloor speakers will provide ambient sounds like rumble and engine sounds. still in doubt about sonic transcducers as the motion will cause some rumble too. No need for bass shakers to simulate runway bumps, etc as the motion platform allready does that.

Bart has been an excellent help in incorporating our wishes in his software, especially when it comes to the instructor station, for which a special version will be created that will also control the MOOG motion platform.



getting closer to the final updates for this project.....

Interiors almost finished. only need to add the ceiling trim and the aft overhead. You can just see the 2 seats in the instructors cabin.

A shot of a part  of the instructors cabin. The seats are pneumatic and MUCH more comfortable than the IPECO's at half the price.

Instructorstation is operated by a single touch screen. The floodlighting in the instructorstation is blue and dimmable.

ceiling trim fitted.....only the aft overhead remains to be fitted.

A view to the sim from the instructors cabin.

The ICS plug and play AFT overhead. All annunciators, switches and displays are functional. Gauge has to be fitted. IRS display and keypad are functional.

Packing her up in bubble wrap for transport. She is being transported to the final location and we will finish the sim there.

Our facilities. The sim is about as high as the overhead door when the platform is TOTALLY lowered to its lowest position.

There she goes.

A tight fit !

Lifting the sim with a crane to be put on a special transport.

Transport is being taken care of by Royal SAAN, a dutch company specialized in aircraft transportation and salvage.

The final location. A hangar on Lelystad Airport in the netherlands.

A nice video impression of the transport made by Alex Alberto:




Some last shots of the finished sim in the hangar at Simsensation.

Next weekend we will be finetuning the software and the platform with MOOG and Flightdecksoftware engineers.

In july it should be operational.

one of the 2 happy new owners:


Awesome Job! Dont get much better than that! Where is that going to be located again? would love to check it out/fly it..

Mike Leavy
The 737 800/900... Fastest airplane with the gear down!



Great excuse to attend this years annual FSWeekend...



Quote from: MLeavy737 on June 27, 2010, 08:52:51 AM
............ Where is that going to be located again? would love to check it out/fly it..

Check the company's website > http://www.simsensation.nl/




August 24, 2010, 11:11:06 AM #32 Last Edit: August 24, 2010, 11:16:30 AM by dnoize
and here's another one, since the sim is fully operational now, customers start posting clips on youtube:


You can tell i'm proud of our work ;-)



absolutely stunning! nicely done.



Great video and Sim !! Really awesome work!

Look forward to more youtube videos :)

Mike Leavy
The 737 800/900... Fastest airplane with the gear down!

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