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Boeing 767 Column Neutral Angle

Started by tomenglish2000, September 11, 2017, 05:38:31 AM

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Hi all!

I am looking for information about where the 767 column sits when released.

The F/O column moves 8.25 to 8.5 degrees FWD and 10.67 to 10.90 degrees AFT from the neutral point.
The CPT column moves 8.75 to 9 degrees FWD and 11 to 11.25 degrees AFT from the neutral point.

Where is the neutral point for the columns? Is it straight up? Or is it slightly FWD. If you don't know the angle even a measurement from the front of the column to the nearest part of the MIP would allow me to figure this angle out (or at least approximate it!).

I understand that the 737 column sits FWD of upright (8 degrees I think) when neutral. Is the 767 similar? All the pictures I have seen can be interpreted as bolt upright or slightly FWD, so I cannot tell which it is.

Please note that this neutral position should not include movement from the Elevator Neutral Shift and Override Mechanism (so when the aircraft is trimmed less than approx 8.4 units of trim).

Also if someone can explain how two columns that are linked (albeit by an override mechanism) are able to have different movements FWD and AFT I would be interested to know!

Please let me know if you can help!



Hi Tom
Not sure about that but anyway seems to me it has to sit a bit forward, like the 737,  and besides I do not think that you should worry about measures like 8.25 or 8.75 degrees ...a quater or half of a degree is not really measurable nor vital ...lol
Nevertheless there are 757/67 specialists here and I'm pretty sure they will chime in.



Hi Jack,

I only put the degrees on to illustrate that the CPT side and F/O side were different as I would like to know if anyone can explain why?

Although 0.5 degrees is 8mm of deflection at the top of the column I dont think I will loose sleep over that! :-)

With the 767 columns not being straight cylinders I do not see any reason for them to be angled forward for any clearance issues etc but looking at photos, some look like they are angled forward and some look like they are straight up.

If they are angled forward 8 degrees like the 737 it's 13.2 centimetres deflection to the neutral from upright. As the photos look like it may be almost upright I guess the angle is much less that 8 degrees if it is not upright at all.

Are there any 767 drivers out here who could take a look at this? It doesn't have to be accurate, I just want them to look right and be comfortable from an ergonomic point of view (although I know cockpits aren't always ergonomic!).



I just went and had a look. The column is angled fwd but very slightly. Nowhere near as pronounced as the  737. Only a few degrees at most. The shape of the column also makes it difficult to tell without using a square. In the neutral position with hydraulics on the top of the yoke was approximately 13" from the upper bezel of the top CRT.

As for the reason that the f/0 side and captain side having different range of motion can only be because the overide mechanism/cam.


Fantastic Gary!

Thanks for taking a look. Can you please clarify where on the top of the column that 13" is from? I have attached a pic for reference.

Sounds like the pics I were looking at on Airliners had it right, I couldn't tell it was upright or just slightly away.



No problem Tom. That measurement would be C.



Thanks Gary,

I appreciate the help.


Thanks for helping out Gary...your knowledge base is an invaluable asset for this forum.



Info from the manual is .....

rotation of control wheel is +65 deg to -65deg @37-50NM
Column angle is 9 deg fwd and 11 deg back @130-420NM
Column rest position is 5 deg fwd
hope this helps
Building a 767 cockpit


Hi Geoff.

Which manual did you find that in? I couldn't find it in my AMM.

Thanks for looking it up.


Hi Tom
can't remember which manual it's so long ago but I included this info in my Autocad drawing for the whole cockpit. Can't post anything here so email me and I 'll send you a copy.
jonesthesoftware at gmail.com
I have quite a few manuals and quite a bit of 3D drawings for the MIP and support structure, pedals, Yoke and columns of my home built cockpit
Building a 767 cockpit

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