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Korry annunciator caps wanted - OEM

Started by kattz, September 17, 2020, 08:13:16 AM

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Might anyone here have any or do you have a source that can get any of the following Korry annunciator caps used, BER, or as removed/servicable?

630-2001-396: Engine Control X 2 each
630-2001-368: Bat Discharge
630-2001-370 : TR Unit
630-2001-369: Elec
630-2001-375: Drive x 2 each
630-2001-116: L Elev Pitot
630-2001-269: L Alpha Vane
630-2001-295: R Alpha Vane
630-2001-027: Aux Pitot
630-2001-353: Zone Temp x 3 each
630-2001-005: Overheat
630-1002-012: GND PWR AVAIL
630-2001-388: Source Off x 2 each

Also looking for the caps for the FIRE and CARGO FIRE panels.

And still looking for:

Brake Pressure p/n 163LCP80
Flaps position p/n 2061-15-1




These guys did my entire lower annunciator panel:


Great quality, great price. I ordered 56 Korry lights and I think it was about $220
Ray Sotkiewicz


September 19, 2020, 06:33:05 AM #2 Last Edit: September 19, 2020, 06:34:47 AM by mickc
Kev, I did reply to your email, but here it is anyway.

These caps are between 600-900 USD per unit, plus you either need the matching Korry 318 body, or be prepared to hack into the new ones with a Dremel tool to make the correct keyways.
These are all NG specific, and as such there aren't any used ones around and they are still on the airframes.  Korry caps tend to last around 20 years, less for the ones that are on more often like Window heat on indicators etc.

I had a US contact that could get replacement legends made by Gemini Engineering, and i got a heap of them done, but the text was a strange font and different sizes etc, even though they were FAA-PMA.

What i ended up doing was getting my own engraved locally. I used legends off other Korrys, and developed a process where I restored them to a blank legend, then had a local engraving company machine them to my artwork.
This involved creating the OEM Gorton font and a lot of trial and error, but its the only real way to get NG annunciator legends for the Korrys without paying almost a grand a piece.


Looks very pro Mickc
Ray's source is nevertheless worth a try.
These guys are serious and will accommodate your specifics.



Hi, Mick,

Sorry, I didn't receive your email - not in spam, not in trash either.  Evidently our email accounts don't speak the same language.

The pitot heat (not aux pitot), overheat, vane heat (has a different name), gnd pwr avail, are CL Korrys.  I bought some panels from a vendor you and I have used and those caps were missing, but the bodies are there.

Most NG's are being converted from T1 1/2 bulb to LED via backshop maintenance, and PMA shops may be tossing the old incandescent caps.  I found that out the hard way when I called a place and got a "sorry, but we didn't keep any of the caps that we exchanged out; tossed them in the trash."  They had tossed a total of eight or nine overheads worth of caps.  Grrr.....  Eighteen annunciators and I'm finished.

Where I'm at now is the entire MIP with the exception of the the displays and the antiskid panel are OEM.  Panels are being cut and powder coated as we speak for ARINC 402 clamps and Korry 318's - except for the STAB OUT OF TRIM, that's different.  NG sixpacks and FIRE WARN/MASTER CAUTION...

I've ordered the FDS Korry's with my panels - I can make them work until I can get the rest of the annunciators.  It's the classic parts that I can't find.

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