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June 08, 2023, 05:08:21 PM

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Servomotors for TQ

Started by masmaz, January 03, 2022, 05:24:24 AM

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  Happy New Year to all and gracious for admitting me.

I have a non-motorized TQ of the flightPM, I recovered the trim motor and the 3 servomotors and two boards of the Opencockpits from another self-built TQ not by myself.

The engine for the trim: modelcraft RB350050-0A101R
The two servos are: tower pro MG996R
and a microservo: hi tech HS-82MG

Apart from the trim motor, I am not very satisfied with the servomotors, so I would like some advice on what I could put in place of these, something more responsive and precise


Is it possible that there is no one who can recommend good servomotors to me?


Both of those part numbers are standard-sized servos (one regular, one micro). You could buy any other brand as a replacement and it should fit.

There are two main differences between servos of a particular size. The first is torque, the second is speed of response. For most applications you don't care, but you have specific requirements.

A good place to start would be to find the specification of the motors you have, for example, Tower Pro MG996R. Then decide which parameter you want to change. Then search for alternative servos with the specification you want.

You might have to do some experiments.

Be aware that higher-torque motors can draw more peak current. Also, some vendors of cheap servos do not publish accurate information.

There are three other differences between servos be which might become important. One is the range of motion, which is typically 180°, but might be a little more, or a little less. Another is the colour of the wires in the cable- you might have to rewire the order of your connector. Finally, the number of splines on the output shaft might differ- there are three popular standards.

So, given that, it's no surprise that there is not a ready-made answer for you.

Good luck.

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