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December 02, 2021, 01:18:47 AM

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Windows 11

Started by n4208t, October 01, 2021, 10:54:55 AM

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For any of you that may not be aware, Windows 11 is currently due to launch in about 5 days or so.  I have done beta testing on a number of Microsoft OS and have been testing and running Windows 11 for the past few weeks.

The good news ... I have found no conflicts or problems with running any of the flight sims (MSFS 2020, X-Plane 11, and P3Dv5.2) and VR has worked without issue.

The bad news ... at least as of the latest build (yesterday) it is still not stable.  I am running an i9 with 64gb of fast ram and an RTX 3080 and have had recurring problems with the mouse locking up, the right mouse click disappearing, windows store and windows update problems and a few other more minor things.  Have spent a lot of time just getting the computer back to running.  That is expected in beta testing, but this close to a commercial release?

So, be a bit wary before you update.  I do not see how this is going to be released without issues in just a few days.

I have gone back to Win 10 for now.  And, for those of you who might be interested, you can download a really fast and stripped down version of Win 10 Pro from FTU apps, a site for developers.  Although you can pirate a version, you can also just input your legal Win 10 serial number and get rid of everything from Cortana to OneDrive to Skype and all of the other bloatware as well as having complete control over whether you want to continue windows uploads or not.  Keep in mind, however, that you cannot continue to run and maintain MSFS 2020 without them.

Anyway, just a heads up from one developers point of view.  BTW - there is a lot that I really like in Win 11.  I just don't think it is quite ready for primetime yet.

If you decide to bite, you may want to create a dual boot.  You do have the option to go back to Win 10 but, unless they change the code, you only have 10 days from install to go back.  After that you cannot without doing a fresh install of Win 10 from scratch.



Thanks Steve!

Do have a question though? Was your mouse issue due to the drivers?

One of the things I read concerned drivers and if they don't meet W11 standards they won't work; in other words, old stuff will not work, even if it did work for W10.

Any insight on that will be great since a lot of older flight sim hardware drivers would be affected....

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Hi John.  I honestly do not know but I don't think so.  The mouse worked fine except for the right mouse click and I tried a few other mice too with no improvement and everything else I had on the computer made the transition with no problems.

The other thing I have noted is that since going to that really slimmed down version of win 10 pro the computer boots MUCH faster and is actually (I think) running faster.  I have not tested that but it seems like it.  I also like getting rid of cortana, skype, Edge, etc.

I really think Win 11 will be a good OS and I like the interface but it just is not ready to be used a someone's primary system until the bugs are worked out.  It is also really heavy with bloatware and a whole slew of new Microsoft programs that come automatically with it.


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