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May 28, 2023, 05:43:46 AM

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The Simulator Ripple Effect...

Started by RayS, December 13, 2021, 10:32:37 AM

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It happens to all of us. Something relatively minor needs to be updated, or something new needs to be installed.

Here's how my projects usually go:

1. Get the brilliant idea to install realistic fuel gauges.

2. Buy fuel gauges.

3. Explain to wife why the obscene credit card charges are absolutely necessary, and probably cures global warming.

4. Receive new fuel panel.

5. Write code and install fuel panel.

6. Realize that you already had a fuel panel in the overhead.

7. Plan to update the overhead with the correct complement of gauges. (Maybe this will fix the cockpit lighting glitchiness)

8. Remove overhead panel. Remove dead mouse from wiring harness (Glitch now fixed)

9. Decide that the red wires are the wrong shade. Replace all red wires with all white wires.

10. Admire work.

11. Realize you forgot to label all the new wires and now have no idea where they go.

12. Drink beer.

Ray Sotkiewicz

Jason L

Me this weekend:
1. Wire MIP rotary switches
2. Spend hour trying to determine why one rotary position does not register
3. Re-tighten and check solder points multiple times
4. Realize that position was never wired...and wire loom has already been sealed for that run.
5. Have a drink and call it a day.


1.- choose between to build a digital engine monitor or needle gauges.
2.- going for vm1000c engine monitor
3.- look for the correct display.
4.- design bezel and 3d print
5.- code everything in lua with air manager.
6.- admire work
7.- drink beer
8.- Now I think I should have chosen the needle gauges route. Go to point 1.
9.- purchase all the gauges needed
10.- replace the panel, and mod the gauges to make it work with arduino
11.- code everything again.
12.- Put the engine monitor in a box, just in case...
13.- admire work
14.- drink a beer.
15.- Go to point 1 and purchase more beer. Just in case..

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