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Will Depart in...



Cockpit-Fest 2015, Lancaster, TX.

Started by dc8flightdeck, April 03, 2015, 05:39:43 AM

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Announcing... Cockpit-Fest USA 2015, this September 4th-6th. Featuring cockpits/simulators on displ;ay from across the USA. We have cockpits attending from both the East and West coast and for those who cannot bring their cockpits but would still like to visit, cockpit enthusiasts fly in from Europe, Austrailia, South Africa, Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii. 

Held in conjunction with... The Dallas/Ft. Worth Commemorative Air Force "Warbirds on Parade" and carshow featuring WWII aircraft rides and aircraft displays.

OFFICIAL REGISTRATION PAGE AT http://cockpitfestusa.org/?page_id=27

QUESTIONS: CockpitFestUSA@yahoo.com


Sept 4th

12 PM – Exhibitor Registration Opens.
7 AM to 3PM – Food available at Taxiway Café.
6-9 PM - BBQ Sandwich Buffet and Evening Social in the hanger.  Meat, BBQ sauce, potato salad, and bread. The first 20 Cockpit-Fest registrations get this meel for free! Sponsored by American Lawnmaster and A Utopian Event. $7.00 after the free registrations are taken. The Social is included with the main event registration. Hang out and help set up cockpits and simulators!
10:30 PM  – Museum Closes
Sept 5th

9 AM – Museum Opens
7 AM to 3 PM – Food available at Taxiway Café.
9 AM – Cockpit-Fest hanger coffee and doughnut breakfast.  ($3.00 pre-registration)
10 AM – Warbirds on Parade opens / Food available at CAF hanger until 3PM.
12 PM – Lunch at the Commemorative Air Force hanger
2 PM to 5 PM- Viperpits.org F-16 simulator interface workshop.
6 PM – Group Photo
6:30 PM- Formal Celebration Dinner and Awards Presentation. ($15.00 pre-registration)
Sept 6th

7 AM to 3 PM – Food available at Taxiway Café.
9 AM – Museum Opens
9 AM -CJ-6A award flights.
1 PM – Group lunch at Taxiway Café.
3 PM – End of Event

Hosted by the Cold War Air Museum, Lancaster, Texas. CWAM is a flying museum and features two flying Hind attack helicopters.

Cold War Air Museum
850 Ferris Rd, Lancaster, TX. ?75146
(972) 218-9700


I'm going to try and come to this event.   :D
737 Junkie


Rob I hope you make it, its about time we finally meet in person!   :cheers: It would shure be nice if you could at least bring a demo of your interface work!


Yes it would Justin!  I have only met a couple of people from here in person.  I'll see what I can do on the interface  Demo.   ;)

737 Junkie

Trevor Hale

I would love to attend this, however Worldflight has my name all over it, and one holiday is all this guy gets :) LOL
Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA



I've got it penciled in on my calendar!

Fred K
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Quote from: Trevor Hale on April 04, 2015, 02:03:04 PM
I would love to attend this, however Worldflight has my name all over it, and one holiday is all this guy gets :) LOL

I have the same problem, so many cool events I want to attend, but there is only so much vacation time to do it all with!


Hey Justin,

How is the location chosen each year for Cockpit Fest? Any thoughts at doing it at/during EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh, WI? Another location is Volk Field Air Force Base (NG) in Camp Douglas, WI, as they normally do an open house event, and they have a museum, as well as outside static full size flight displays.


Here is a link to Volk Field's Open House photos in 2012:


I know they had an open house in May of 2014, but not sure about 2015. I was thinking about 2016 for a Cockpit Fest visit...

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Hello John,

The Dallas area is the current choice in part for the following reasons,

*Its a relatively central US US for those trailering in cockpits and exhibits. That maximizes the ability of East coast, West coast, and central US participation.

*It has an international airport for those flying in from abroad.

*The Cold War Air Museum has a large hanger facility for our event to ensure we are not rained out (as happend once in Kansas). Last year it poured rain Friday evening but the rain had no negative impact on the hanger dinner/social and the cockpits stayed dry.

*The Cold War Air Museum staff is incredibly supportive and the museum helps underwrite the event rather than charging us to use their facility. They even provide rides in a CJ-6 as an award prize.

*The are a lot of cockpit/sim owners in Texas.  :)


Hotel group rate deadline....

August 1st is the deadline for the 2015 group hotel discount rate. Call the Clarion Hotel directly at +1 (972) 224-9100 to make reservations, and remember to give them the following Group Information to receive the discount rates:
Group Name: Viperpits
Group Number: 2051073





Hello everyone, There are now two yummy choices for the Saturday evening Awards Banquet!

* Beef, mashed potatoes, and beans – $15.00  ($20.00 after August 15th)

* Vegetarian Penne Arrabiata             - $15.00 ($20.00 after August 15th)
  (Penne noodles in a tomato Italian sauce with finely chopped vegetables)

Many thanks to Ruthie for all her hard work to plan and cater the dinner! 



Just a reminder that early registration prices ends tomorrow.

This year we will have a new workshop series:
*Aluminium Riveting Tools and Techniques
*ACE-II Ejection Seat Operations
*Using Arduino Processors in Simulators

  I hope to see you there!

Bob Reed

Man I too wish I could get to this. I hope you guys get full to overflowing with people!


Ditto to what Bob said!  If it was just a little closer so I could drive there.
737 Junkie


Bob Reed

Wow! I really need to try an make this one year! Looks like you folks had a great time!

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