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Title: Tongass Fjords X – The Glacial Review
Post by: Trevor Hale on November 23, 2009, 09:04:56 am
Hey Guys, A good Friend of mine (FSAddon Publishing) Released Tongass FSX not to long ago.  Regardless, this and "Emma Field" have been one of my favorite Flightsim addon's (Scenery Wise) You can read a review of Tongass X Below.  Peter Hayes says..  "What can I say?  This is the definitive piece of scenery for FSX. It changes the default sterile FSX area into something that is aliveand vibrant.  I only have a brief time to assess the scenery for thereview so I will only touch the surface of this gorgeously engineeredpiece of software.  In FS9, I installed all of Holger’s (et al)scenery, including Misty Fjords, Glacier Bay, Plum Duff, etc and thistops them all.  I should say in the real world Tongass Fjords as suchdoes not exist, it’s called Tongass National Forest or (Park) and isadministered largely by the US Forestry Service with a Head OfficeBased in Ketchikan.
Having said that, Tongass FSX as a piece of software that depicts instunning and faithful detail one of the most beautiful areas on theplanet. It covers an area of 80,000 square kilometres (or 31,000 squaremiles which in real terms is about 20,000,000 acres) in SE Alaska andNW British Columbia.  Tongass is the largest National Forest in theUnited States; it is as big as West Virginia.  It is mainly comprisedof mountains, glaciers and scrub, plus trees and more trees. Twenty-five percent of the world’s remaining temperate rain forestgrows there.In Tongass FSX it’s all there from the coastal temperate rainforests to glacial fjords and tundra meadows, in vivid detail, this isa must have for any GA pilot that likes to fly low ‘n slow.  I’m a fanâ€" can’t you guess?  A special mention of Bill ‘Spotlope’ Womack (ofSpotted Antelope and Beeswax fame) for his great work on settlementsand airstrips, etc., is also appropriate." 

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Title: Re: Tongass Fjords X – The Glacial Review
Post by: andarlite on November 23, 2009, 11:45:25 am
Hey Trevor, thanks for reporting this. I used to have Holger Glacier Bay on FS9 and it was a fantastic piece of scenery. When I switched to FSX, I had forgotten about these scenery's from him since they were all for FS9. Nice to see that some is getting ported to FSX. This is definitely on my list to buy.

Title: Re: Tongass Fjords X – The Glacial Review
Post by: Trevor Hale on November 23, 2009, 12:25:52 pm
Your welcome Henry,  Francois Dumas is a good friend of mine, and I am happy to plug the stuff he produces.  I am still looking forward to Emma X when it is released.  Its going to be awesome.