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Title: New Avionics
Post by: jskibo on June 24, 2020, 09:23:52 am
Just got word my new avionics are shipping. 

I think they look good.  Will go back for a bendix and an autopilot if they perform as good as they look.

Title: Re: New Avionics
Post by: n4208t on June 25, 2020, 08:34:40 am
Title: Re: New Avionics
Post by: jskibo on July 01, 2020, 01:52:06 pm
I got the Avionics today and I'm impressed.  Very nice build.  The casing is plastic and if I would guess probably printed. 
The buttons have a firm click feel and knobs have the detents on the DME. 
Lettering is great with crisp numbering and printing.

They work with additional software that comes via a link when your parts ship.  The software comes in both P3D and XP flavors for each unit.  It does a COM search for the port the box is connected to and then ties into FSUIPC. 

I was so impressed I placed an order for a King Com / NAV as well as a Garmin GFC600 autopilot.  That coupled with a GTN 750 and my stack Avionics stack will be complete at a fraction of some of the bigger names.

The guy building them is Richard Hulme. His business is RH Simtech ( I found him in one of the cockpit groups on Facebook.  Very easy to work with.  There is a lead time on the parts but it wasn't long at all.

Price list as of May
GMA 340 Audio Panel £145
KMA24 audio Panel £125
GNS 530 GPS £230,
KX 165a Com/Nav £145
GTX 330 £125
GTX 335 £150
KR 87 ADF £ 120
KI 227 adf gauge £70
KN62a DME £125
KFS 598 Com and nav pair £130
GFC 600 £155
M803 Clock/Timer/OAT £55

Well worth it if you are building anything GA.

(I paid full price for the gear so review is just my opinion, nit related to the seller)