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July 13, 2020, 08:47:24 am

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Will Depart in...



727 builder

Started by AVIATor-Olav, May 10, 2012, 08:56:31 am

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Boeing Skunk Works

Looking great man!

I was looking at your construction several post up on your sidewalls. I'll be using that same construction again. You really have to have that slanted diagonal support nearly to the rear of the flightdeck. It sets the angles for the #2 windows and the upper rail that it rides in when open.

I don't know why, but I don't see a lot of 737's with this feature. Maybe they changed the contruction or window support track over the decades.

I'm still working (or not working lately) on a few functions on the AP. I'm going to start cutting wood here shortly I hope. After I get all of the basic engine and flight control and AP working 100%.
Why yes...I am a rocket scientist...

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Yes,  they are ment to go in along with a few other details around the windows and side walls. I was just sick of building at the time, painted it and moved in! :)
I will start cutting wood again soon to make room for that FE station, so we'll see, maybe I'll get to some detailing then.

Looking forward to following your shell construction!

BTW, do you remember what offset you used for the starter switches? I use mouse macros, but I get that dreaded TSS sound issue at start up. :/


Boeing Skunk Works

I get that too unless the overhead start switches are used. Obviously, my overhead is not installed yet, so it does it every time for now.

I think I used 'Jet Starter 1', (2,3), but I can't be sure until I plug in Leo's card back into the computer and check the assignments. That might be awhile. For the fuel cut-off levers, 'Mixure Full Rich' and 'Mixture Full Lean' for each engine.

I'm not sure why the TSS module does that when usig the program overhead and doesn't when using the real overhead switches. I never figured that out, but I hate looking a gift horse in the mouth.
Why yes...I am a rocket scientist...

Boeing, Collins, Gables, Sperry, PPG, Korry, Pacific Scientific, Honeywell


Thanks. The offset is "start switch position 1,2 & 3" or something to that effect. Couldn't find it in the FSUIPC drop down list, so I had to manually type it in with the proper parameters for on and off. Works great though, no more sound loop!  8)


I picked this up at the post office today. A complete FE AUX panel off e-bay! :)

Too soon?


The latest additions to the sim arrived today! I see some late Nights of soldering Ahead!

Sorry the images are horrible.


Hi everybody! It's been a long time since the last update. Nothing much has happened in the sim either. Building wise that is, it has seen some flying. The work on the FE station has begun. The first 4 panels are interfaced and ready to go in. 29 panels to go! :)


March 20, 2020, 11:10:25 am #32 Last Edit: March 20, 2020, 02:41:55 pm by AVIATor-Olav
Hi all. It's been an eternity since I posted here, but i'm still here and the 727 is more complete than ever. It's now running with x-plane.

Here's two recent videos. The first one shows start up from cold & dark. The second one is my first attempt at editing multicam footsge. If you don't like music on videos, the don't watch the latter one. I get comments from people disliking music on cockpit videos. Well, I made the sim and I made the music, so I get to decide! 😎


Thanks for posting, Simply AMAZING, what more can you say.


Now, is there anyone else building or going to build a B727 because this video shows how amazingly it can be done.

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Great videos Tor!!!   Your 727 Sim is quite an accomplishment!  I wonder if in your next video, you could call out the Flow and Check List for how to fly the 727. 

Nice looking visuals too.   What kind of projectors are you using, and in what configuration?

P3d v3.x with Sim-Avionics (two computers), FDS MIP, 3-Optoma HD GT180 projection display driven by a single nvidia GTX980.


Thanks for the nice words everyone.
The projectors are not fancy as all. I've got two Benq 611 and one 615 (If memory serves) not even 3 equal beamers! But they do a decent job. No HD or anything. I'm planning on doing some more videos soon. Just got a GoPro, so I'll fiddle about with it.

Cheers guys!

Trevor Hale

WOW!  Love it..  Hard to do when your by yourself.  But well done!
Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA



March 25, 2020, 11:33:11 pm #38 Last Edit: March 26, 2020, 05:33:42 am by AVIATor-Olav
Thanks Trevor.

Yes she is a bit of a handful when alone. You have to amend the real life procedures a bit, but when you do she's no problem to handle. The FE operatons are mainly during start up and shut down. Kinda hard to start the APU while taxiing to the gate . lol

Another new video. Less music this time.

Innsbruck OPS


March 26, 2020, 05:16:56 am #39 Last Edit: March 26, 2020, 05:18:45 am by sagrada737
Wonderful Sim Project Olav!  I have watched your videos several times, and it's impressive to see you so calmly manage that 727 Flight Deck on your own.   

If you have time in your next video, please "talk us through" what you are doing in the Flight Deck.   Great job, and keep up the good work!

My Sim Project is a 737, but your videos got me wondering what its like to fly a 727.  I ran across a few videos on YouTube that cover Procedures, Flow and Checklists.  I'm guessing that you are already expert in all this, but perhaps others following your thread might be interested in seeing real-world 727 operations in order to better understand what you are doing in the cockpit.  Below are a couple of links...

727-100 Normal Procedures, Checklists, and Flows

LAS 727-200F Cockpit Flight out of Bogata

All the Best...

P3d v3.x with Sim-Avionics (two computers), FDS MIP, 3-Optoma HD GT180 projection display driven by a single nvidia GTX980.


Hi Mike.

I might do a talk through video one day. I'm not strictly adhering to real procedures by a mile, so if I do I kind of give away my cheats. 😝 I do however do what's required to operate and fly the aircraft more or less correctly, but you have to leave some things out in order to fly the 72 single pilot. The FlyJsim flight model has simplified some systems because of this as well. I'm a seat of the pants kinda flyer anyway, so I pretty much do whatever needs to be done to get to where I need to go. I'm not big on procedures, check lists and flows. I'd probably make a terrible airline pilot! Lol. There's not much automation in this plane, so you have to be on top of things. Even on autopilot you have to fly the autopilot. No auto throttles, so speed control is manual, and you have to manually change between different modes. It'll hold your altitude and heading, but when it's time to intercept a VOR radial or a localizer beam, you have to switch it over. Glide slope intercept, same thing. And keep an eye on that airspeed, it'll stall and spin before you know it! It certainly keeps things fun and interesting though! You can't sit back and watch her fly herself. I usually handfly below 10000 feet. Thanks for the video links. I often search YouTube for 727 videos. 🙂

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