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Will Depart in...




Started by Trevor Hale, June 04, 2012, 05:50:29 pm

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Trevor Hale

June 04, 2012, 05:50:29 pm Last Edit: June 04, 2012, 06:00:40 pm by Trevor Hale
[smg id=381]
Flightdeck Solutions Open House & Cockpitbuilders Get Together ran from June 1st 2012 until June 3rd 2012.  As it turned out, it was a HUGE Success! I am happy to report that everyone that attended should be home safely by now.  Words can't describe how I personally feel after sharing this weekend with all of you.  I feel like we have all known each other for years, and to be honest the feeling of family springs to mind when I think of how I feel now that we are all separated again.

First off, I would like to thank Peter & Steve Cos for opening their doors for not only a great get together and Open House but for the food, for taking the time to ensure there was always Coffee and snacks for us.  The Lunch that was provided (Sponsored by JetMax) on Saturday Blew my mind.

Next I would like to thank James and Matt.  (What a Team) and what great Guys. I wish all of you here on Cockpitbuilders could have been at Flightdeck Solutions this past weekend to meet these guys.  Matt and James, you guys are top notch.  Happy to share your stories and your ideas with all of us.  We would only be so lucky to be spoken about one day in the same breath as someone mentions your names.  Thank you both for paving the way in this hobby and helping to pave the way for what this hobby is today.

Thirdly, A Special thanks to "Mr Samuel Llorca"  Sam, your generosity and participation this past weekend was second to none.  You are burning inside with the passion of flight as are all of us, and I would be honored for you to join as a member here at  Additionally, I am sure every member here would love to hear your story.  I would like to have you post the pictures that you showed me at the event of your previous sim's, and I am certain that everyone would like to follow your progress as you move forward in this hobby with your new Project. 

Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank all of you for taking part! I know not everyone could be there, but we knew you all wanted to be.  Thanks for taking the time to share a few Beers with Bob, Jack and I.  We really appreciate your participation not only just for the event, but to come out just to meet everyone.

If there is anything either Bob or I can do for either of you, just say the word.  You have all earned my respect and my gratitude.  The family like atmosphere we have here at Cockpitbuilders grew a notch this past weekend, and I know it is only going to get better and better.

Thanks for everything guys.


Until next time.

Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA



Just want to say it was a great time attending this weekend.  It was really nice to meet everyone.  Special thanks to Peter and Steve Cos for hosting a great event, and to Trevor, Bob and Jack for all the hard work you guys put into the forum.  Many of us would not have the sims we have without the vision and hard work the five of you put into everything.

Thanks for a great weekend.

Dave C.


  Thanks for the pictures and video guys! Looked like soooo much fun!! Ughh i wish i were there!  Next year for sure and hopefully we can have it here in Houston!

Mike L
The 737 800/900... Fastest airplane with the gear down!


Thanks to everyone for the pictures and comments. I feel i really missed the event of the year. I hope we can have one again soon. i am going to be there.
Also I really enjoy seen everybody's real face on pics ( some times way different from the profile pic).
Please extent as many lines as you want to talk about experience  and knoledge that you got there.
Roberto c


It's great to see that the event was a huge success. I'm gutted I couldn't make it. I'm sure I met Pete at a show in Blackpool, UK many years ago. Anyhow, if there's another get together in the future, I'll try harder to get there.



It was an awesome weekend.

Thanks to Peter and Steve, their families and the FDS staff. Congratulations also on your new facilities.

My thanks also to Trevor, Bob, Jack and all at CB. It was great meeting you.

A very special thanks however goes to Sam, who not only gave permission to exhibit his FDS 737NG on the motion platform and it's visuals. He also allowed each and everyone of us to ride it. Sam, if you read this, you need to go into hiding ... my wife is after you !


Angus Wighton

What a great weekend in Newmarket Ontario, sharing our common passion for cockpit building!!

Thanks first of all to Peter, Steve and all the staff of Flightdeck Solutions for so graciously opening their new facilities to host the Event.

So nice to finally meet Trevor after all these years, and to see Jack, Maurice, Dave & all the Cockpitbuilders gang again.  Although I had a flight that forced me to miss Sunday's meeting, I was so pleased that I was at least in town for Friday & Saturday's events! 

I have to echo all the accolades directed at the incredible Sim-A Software created & designed by Mark, which I experienced first-hand at the controls of Ralph's sim in London - it is THAT good!!  It has been derived through his continuous effort to make improvements, the work ethic on display all weekend long - Mark & Ralph, keyboard in hand, working on one sim setup after another!

The highlight for me was of course meeting James & Matt who, without whom, this hobby might have never become what it is today.  However I am also so pleased that Peter & Steve came along to provide me with USB connections because it would never have happened for me if I had to wire up real aircraft parts to a computer!!  Even after watching their presentations I still can't believe what they pioneered?!!!

Thank you to everyone involved - amazing people, amazing weekend, let's do it again soon!

Sam Llorca

What a awesome weekend over in Ontario, Canada!!!!

Thank you very much for all the attention and generosity from all of you. My special thanks go to Steve, Peter and family from FDS, to Marnix and Xavier from Motion for simulator, Trevor Hale from (special thanks and appreciation for the post and pictures) it was a pleasure to have meet you, Bob Reed for such a friendly attitude, you made me feel at home!!, to Maurice for being a great companion on the event.

A special thanks also goes to Matt and James, you guys really were my inspiration in the hobby, remembering  those hard working days cleaning and rebuilding our cockpits shell, and beating my head trying to figure out EPIC boards, it really was a great weekend!!!, thank you guys!!!

Thank you Axel for your friendship and company the last day of the event, tell your wife is all for a good cause  :D.

Also I will like to thank  Mark and Ralph for setting up my system a few times do to my lack of knowledge on such a great program like Sim-A is.  Congratulations!!!

Angus Wighton, thank you for your support on my 737sim with motion, I really learned a few things, You can be my Captain anytime!!! Cheers.

Thank you to everyone involved - amazing people, amazing weekend, let's do it again soon!


Welcome aboard Sam,
Thank you for this first Post of many more to come.
Keep us updated on the fabulous beast  moving to its new home.!


Trevor Hale

Ok, so I would gather EVERYONE Had Fun!  I will be sad to see this thread disappear into the gallows of the database.  It truly was an amazing time for all of us.  I want to be sure that everyone knows that Another Event "WILL" happen again next year.  It will be very hard to top this one.  We will put our heads together and figure something out.

Until then, I know for me, this weekend has me revved up for more building, so the Beech 99 will get some more work done on it soon.  Hopefully it put the rest of you back into Build Mode.  We need to see more project updates, and more pics.

Sam, I would love to see you start a thread documenting your New "Hanger" and the arrival of the Sim.  I am sure we would all find that interesting.

As Sam Said, thanks again to all.  What a rush and what a ride!

Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA


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