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Instructor Station - Luis Gordo


What is Instructor Station ?

In flight simulation, an Instructor Operator Station (IOS) is designed to assist the instructor in controlling the simulation training environment and monitoring all aspects of pilot/crew performance in the simulator. The instructor can control, via this software, all functions such as aircraft position and systems, meteorological, environmental, and situational parameters.

The Instructor Station is meant to assist Aviation Professionals, Flight Simulation Enthusiasts and Home Cockpit Builders using Microsoft® Flight Simulator (FS) 2004™, FSX™ and ESP™, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® and X-Plane®.

The Instructor Station allows setting the aircraft on an approach to a runway of choice under any weather conditions, start-up and shutdown network computers (fully customizable), program or set aircraft system failures at any moment, calculate the amount of fuel required for a flight and load it to the aircraft, record flight performance (approaches, manoeuvres, landings, take-offs, etc.) and plot it graphically, and many other things!

Compatible with all types of aircraft! It is also a great tool for anybody who wants to control the flight simulator externally.

Many features are also available for Project Magenta users (pmSystems, Glass Cockpit, CDU/MCDU, MCP/FCU), AST & FMGS JeeHell users.

Developed by a pilot, engineer & flight simulation enthusiast.




Started by luisgordo, November 06, 2012, 11:41:17 am

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Visit our website for more information:

See screenshots here:

New Features:

·  Meets all FAA requirements for approval in Advanced and Basic Aviation Training Devices, per FAA Advisory Circular AC 61-136.

·    ForeFlight Mobile integration.

·   Added Bluetooth functionality for GPS data export (allows using your favourite navigation apps on your mobile device.

·    Added Low and High Altitude Airways export and view in Google Earth.

·  Added cross-wind component and lateral displacement tracking at touchdown, to assess crosswind landings performance.

·    Added 'General Aviation Look' option to the Miscellaneous settings in the General tab, to better suit the needs of various users.

·  Added Engine #1 and #2 RPM and manifold pressures to the data logger, as well as to PDF report.

·   Added ATC communications window (synthetic voice and text).  ATC communications are sent to the event window when data is logged.

·   Added playback capability (aircraft can be placed at any moment of the recorded data).

·   Added ILS and VOR monitoring to "tracker window", including selected course and DME.

·   Added slip/skid and turn rate indicator to "tracker window".

·   Added the TRAFFIC tab, where all airborne and/or ground traffic can be monitored, and traffic alerts (TCAS) can be generated.

·  Added VFR and MVFR preset weather conditions in the Environment tab.

·   Improved settings for VFR, Marginal VFR (MVFR) and ILS CAT I thru IIIc in the Environment tab.

·   Added more options to the visibility setting in the Environment tab.

·   Added preset selectable transponder codes to the NAVCOM tab.

·   Added LBS and GAL option to the Fuel/Load tab.

· Added payload stations and weight and balance calculations to Fuel/Load tab.

· Renamed Views/Slew tab to SimControl, added Sound on/off and Situation Reset buttons, as well as basic throttle, mixture, propeller and flap controls.

·  Added Voice Control (beta).

·  Corrected several bugs.

·  Changes to fonts and colors.

Trevor Hale

Seems like a big release, Nice Job.

Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA



Wow Luis, this looks to be a great release. I'm still working to get to a point to where I can implement this and then plan to purchase. Thanks for a great package.
Eric Tomlin
Flight Line Simulations (new site)
Integral Lighted Panels, Products, Consultation, & Suppliers


Just wanted to point out that with the new IS 2.0 you can input the weights and fuel loads automatically, but more important you can do it directly by fs stations as well. What that means is this; let's say you have a 5 fs station aircraft which is like what the PMDG 737-700 NGX has, so you use TopCat to figure out your weights for a whole trip. However, since your TopCat aircraft will not put the weights in the right locations because the model they have doesn't exactly match your PMDG plane, you have to go into the FSX menus to fix. And, you have to calculate and guess at it to get the CG% right. That means doing it 3-4 times...going to fuel/payload window.

Thus, using IS 2.0 you can do this in real time without going into FSX>Aircraft>Payload>Payload and Fuel window. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you wanted to make sure your CG% is setup correctly for the takeoff and landing, you can now make adjustments to the loads easily. Why is this really important? Have you ever performed an Autoland and the plane landed so heavy you swore the landing gear was not down? Well, that means your CG% was likely way out of norms for your landing, and that is likely do too the weights in the wrong fs stations.

Too me it is very important to set things right in the beginning. CG% is everything and it's the most important thing for all aspects of flying the entire flight.

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November 09, 2012, 12:01:37 pm #4 Last Edit: November 09, 2012, 02:51:29 pm by luisgordo
Hi Folks,

Thanks for your kind words.  There was an important amount of work put into this release, but it is all well worth it if you guys find things useful.

I have released a minor update (couple of small bugs):

As well as a parallel version without the Voice control feature, which is not compatible with Windows XP and earlier OS versions:

Best regards,
Luis Gordo

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