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July 28, 2021, 09:37:09 AM

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Will Depart in...



737-800 Arduino X-Plane Build

Started by kurt-olsson, September 06, 2015, 01:39:47 AM

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Anders Simparts Parking Brake Module!


Positions, solenoids and in X-Plane activated with my rudderpedals exactly like the real deal!




AFDS interfaced.

Need to replace the bulbs since many of them were contamindated.

This unit is OLd...


New tactics!

The teensy microcontroller will go inside the unit!

Will be epic!


Lucky for me, im using the tiny teensy! :)


Fixing with wiremess...

Before and after



New N1 / SPD ref switches from Anders Simparts installed!

These babies are heavy duty and replicates the real deal with OEM feel!

The word now is P R O G R E S S!


About to tackle my biggest task so far! :)

Arinc 429 protocol!
Should not be that complicated in theory but everything must be correct for it to work hehe.

I am starting my research to see if:

A: Teensy can send and recieve the binary in some way and then be able to decode in some way

B: Using some form of Arinc 429 chip between teensy and the ISDU to send and recive data.

C: see if there are complete modules that writes to serial bus or something that teensy can read.

Any help or tip is welcomed! :)


Robert Prather from Cereal Bytes has taken on the Arinc 429 with Teensys pretty good. Check him out at http://cerealbytes.com/. I also have one of his boards controlling my RCP module. Works great. I have a short video on https://www.facebook.com/757FlightDeck that shows it working. You might be able to collaborate with him.


Oh My God!!! Is that your cockpit!!!

Tjats just UN-Belivable stuff right there!!!

I Love the 757/767 and you have a real shell aswell!

Holy, i need to check ALL your content right now!!! :)

Thanks for the info, i will try to contact him.


LOL Thanks Kurt. I've been at this for 11 years now.OEM can be so difficult to achieve. I LOVE your stuff as well!!!


Major changes going on in the sim.
Modular units strategy is scrapped and going for Boeing original. All panels will be connected and have cables run to the back of the cockpit where all is interfaced.  Will be such a clean setup!

And also, one badass panel added!

APU and Fire Panel!


I will continue to 'stalk' this thread as I, too, am very interested in the ARINC 429 protocols.



As far as Arinc 429... my investigation has this concluded so far:

Two types of "Cheap" Holts Chip that can send and transmit messages.
Its tricky and even with manual it will be hard because a lot of things has to be 100% correct to work.
It also requiers 1Mhz clock and negative Voltage.

The other side is to go with some kind of product. Lots of Boards that is compatible with Prosim. No luck with Arduino or Teensy.
I want a Board that can send and transmit directly to the Teensy Card by pins so i dont get an extra roundtrip via Ethernet or USB.

Investigation still continues!


Did you see this one?


Seems complete and self-contained. The transceiver chip is expensive, but there's not much else to it. Obviously some higher-level programming is required to handle what you should send, but that's a different problem.


Looked at the code and its very well written and nothing in there thats overly conplex except understanding of the chip.

This info/link was awesome!!!

The Teensy is Arduino compatible so i can run the same sketch!

I will check out one of those chip used in this code.

Thanks a million for this!


Err, you're welcome? No worries. I thought you had already seen it because it was not too difficult to find.

The main interface chip is quite expensive I think, and only available from a small number of suppliers. However, if it works then it will be worth the money.

To be honest I am not a fan of Teensy. I'm not really sure why. I think it's because they are single-source and harder to buy than Arduinos, but go for it if that's what you like.

Keep us posted on your progress, and shout out if you need any help.


New architecture!

All interfacing will go in the rear circuitbraker wall.

Just like Boeing OEM. Switches and Korrys cables only from Panels and then via cables back.

Will be EPIC!


I see that you seem to be making your own carrier boards for screw terminals.

Have you seen these?

You can also attach those to DIN rail clips and then use DIN rails to support everything.


Nice, i use my own custom PCB most of the time. But i will prob order some of those cards aswell. :)



I'm so happy that everything is labelled. I have a Brother P-Touch labeller, in a box with spare cartridges, which I labelled.  :)


Quote from: ame on May 13, 2021, 01:03:33 AMI'm so happy that everything is labelled. I have a Brother P-Touch labeller, in a box with spare cartridges, which I labelled.  :)


Joe Lavery

But did you make a label to show you where you put it?  ;)
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