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August 13, 2020, 01:20:33 am

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What have you done for your simulator today?

Started by blueskydriver, January 14, 2018, 04:01:20 am

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Some more progress on the sim.  3 big screens are up and sort of aligned.  Needs some tweaking.  Having problems with the latest G1000 software connecting over the network.  Working w Flight1 Tech support to try and resolve.
Decided to do the partial roof out of 3D printed plastic and cardboard.  So far, it seems to be working.


Sim 1:  F16, running Falcon 4 BMS - In Build using a mix of real and repro parts + Pokeys cards
Sim 2:  Light Twin / Single with RusCool EFD1000, RSG GTN750 and FI guages


July 22, 2020, 08:45:04 pm #952 Last Edit: July 23, 2020, 10:49:48 pm by RayS
I was inspired by Trevor's "Donation Failure" platform on Twitch so decided to roll my own.

1. Currently has over 200 failures, ranked by severity
2. Works in X-Plane. (Wiring exists for P3D/FSX but isn't enabled yet)
3. Severity levels can be changed/added, without source code changes
4. Unprocessed donations are retained so restarts won't clear them
5. Failures are truly random. First failure in each flight is never the same
6. Failures can be auto-disabled below X Altitude. However they are queued so once above the 'Safe' altitude, all hell could break loose...

Severity Levels:
  1. "Just ASAP it, Jim! Damn! Do I have to tell you everything?"
  2. "Where's the QRH, Jim?"
  3. "We better land, Jim..."
  4. "Well Jim, we had a good run."

It's currently "Functional", but needs some code cleanup and interface cleanup.

The workflow:
1. Donation Event: Streamlabs Chatbot sees, and inserts the donation record into a backend database via a Python script

2. My App, "Beech House Buster" sees the new donation and randomizes a new failure from the database based on donation amount. (Queue screaming in the background...)

3. Once the failure is processed, it is marked as "Processed" so it doesn't repeat.

4. The Donor record is also marked as "Processed"

5. A Twitch Chat message is sent to the chat window with what is about to fail.

6. Hilarity ensues.

Here's the app. It's crude but will look better as I clean it up and add more elements over the next couple of days.No message is associated with this attachment.
Ray Sotkiewicz


Still working out some minor kinks with the code, and a few minor facelifts on the UI.

Time for an ACARS printer!

Ray Sotkiewicz


Glad to see folks are still getting things done during the summertime, where normally it's vacation time.

My good news for the sim is Karen and I pulled out all the electrical wiring from the garage ceiling. 300 feet of flexible metal conduit (FMC) all screwed down at every 18 inches, so a lot of screws to remove, and mixed it in with insulation that I am allergic too. WOO HOO!

Still, it's worth all the effort because this is the 12 circuits at 20amp each dedicated for the sim and my computer room items that are now in the hangar/shed. We also pulled all 12 AFCI Breakers to move them into the new circuit breaker box in the hangar...

Lastly, it's not for the sim per se, but it's what we learned from installing the Mr Cool 3-ton mini-split Air Conditioner unit in the hangar. The knowledge we gained led to us installing the same exact unit type in our house in the lower level (bi-level). These units are just amazing!

If you're thinking about heating/cooling take a look at a DIY mini-split unit (no matter the brand name). It's night and day over standard HVAC, plus the big bonus is no dusty piping system blowing dirt around or onto your simulator....

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Got the CNC machined parts for the ACARS printer in, test fitting looks good :)

bernard S



I've had this thing laying around for about 5 years. Figured it was high time to get it interfaced. It doesn't do much, other than some common commands in X-Plane that I usually do on a keyboard.

Found a great API interface using C#. I've interfaced both FSX/P3D and now X-Plane and I have to say, working with X-Plane datarefs and commands is SO much easier than FSUIPC....

Ray Sotkiewicz

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