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Quick way to attach low res/smaller file size pics in your posts...

Started by blueskydriver, August 11, 2019, 01:48:43 pm

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Hey Everyone,

Placing this is "Help and Support" to help you out with attaching pictures to your posts. Typically, when using an iPhone or other phone camera, the default resolution and file size is very large, like 4k large; unless, you go into the settings and change your quality settings first.

However, if you change the quality lower, it will be that way for all your pics. So, if you want a great high res pic for your photo album and a low res one to post your latest sim item here on Cockpit Builders (or other forums), you will be taking low res pics all the time. Of course, you could change the settings whenever needed, but if you forget...well, you get my point.

Anyway, when you do try and post default high res pics they take forever to upload and/or download for the viewer. Thus, if you post multiple pics, it takes even longer and they're really huge, meaning the viewer must scroll around in order to see them. The good thing is there's a way to avoid all of this.

Leave your camera settings at default, take all the pics you want like normal, but when you have one or many too post on a forum, just open the pic(s) in the photo app one at a time and do a screen shot of that pic. It will create another pic, but it's a lower res screen shot pic (screen shot settings are usually always lower res). Therefore, you now have a quick lower res pic to post, and it'll be much easier to view.

Albeit, I suggest you zoom in on the pic some first (or just touch it), to the point where you no longer see the top and bottom of the window showing the phone information. No reason to show the world anymore of your info then needed...I attached two pics to show what I mean, before and after zooming.

Lastly, you could download a resizing app to resize your high res default pics beforehand, but who needs another app to learn and/or pay for, if not free. Plus, it's another step before posting your pics.


Note: some phones might have this built in that you can resize the pics easily; however, you still may find the screen shot method faster...
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Trevor Hale

Good Idea John,
The Board does make an attempt to resize pictures being uploaded..  However, it can only do so much.  If the image is way too big, it gives up.  With Phones now a days taking better and better photos, said photos can be quite large.  It is important that we keep this in mind.
Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA


Vincent T.

John, Excellent writeup for the process.

Trev, you're right, nowadays phones are running at 10 megapixel. Single maths show that e.g. 10 Megapixel =3872 x 2592 == 10,036,224? pixels = roughly 1.1 MB if you consider 1 bit per pixel. But if you need the fancy color, its usually 3 bits per pixel so thats 3 MB!!! That's a big number when trying to attach in emails or in a forum post. And one must consider that all these photos need to be store on the server.

I often download the file, open in paintbrush, and scale it to 40%, that brings the size a bit down.

Cheers!! But keep those pics coming!

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