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WORLDFLIGHT 2019 - Scenery Check Volunteers Needed

Started by KyleH, September 13, 2019, 04:46:30 pm

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Good day everyone.

In order to prevent us from flying a nice VNAV approach to a subdivision rather than a runway or have miss-matched ILS frequencies or other airports scenery issues, we'd like to have some volunteers help look over things before the event.

We are looking for people to review the airports for layouts and frequencies vs. what we have charted.
You do not have to be attending the event to volunteer. If you want to help out in some way but can't make it out, this is one of your options.

Must have:
- Prepar3d V4.
- Navigraph Chart's subscription.
- Must be able to complete your assigned airports before October 15th.

Please post in this thread or send me a PM if you are able to help out and how many airports you'd like to look at. With 44 airports many having multiple runways this would be a long task for one person, so it helps to break it up.

I will PM volunteers a list of airports and link to a spreadsheet to be filled out.

We are only looking for information on Default sceneries. If you have ad-on scenery or afcad file for an assigned airport skip it and move on to the next one. Let me know of any you've had to skip.

1) In P3D - Place your aircraft at the selected airport
2) Bring up the top down view and zoom to an appropriate level
3) Pull up the ground chart from Navigraph Chart's
4) Compare the layout of runways and taxiways to the chart and note any differences in the appropriate column in the spread sheet.
5) Open the map view
6) Zoom in or out as required and click on the airport to look at all the ILS frequencies
7) Open an ILS approach chart for each runway from Navigraph Chart's
8) Compare the ILS frequency on the chart to that in shown in Prepar3d.
9) If the frequencies are different record the ILS frequency that is shown in P3D into the spreadsheet.
10) Repeat for all ILS approaches for that airport.

If the airport layout and frequencies match the chart, then just enter OK in all columns.

Map help page:

Thank you to all those that help out.

Chief Pilot
Worldflight Team USA

Trevor Hale

Thanks Kyle. Just to be clear on the version. I will be upgrading the sim to P3D v 4.5 not that the .5 matters that much but just to be sure we are clear.
Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA




I would be happy to check a dozen or so.

Fred K
Boeing 737NG-800, Prepar3D v4.5, Sim-Avionics 1.964, WideView multi-channel (curved screen), Optoma 1080GTDarbee projectors (3), Fly Elise warping, FSGRW weather, FDS OH panels and CDUs, SimParts MIP, FDS SysBoards (OH), CPFlight MCPPro and pedestal panels, FI Gauges, PFC controls, converted motorized TQ (SIOC), Weber seats

Vincent T.


Count me in, I too have P3D v4.5, will be able to do some airports in the list.



This task can easily done with Aivlasoft EFB 2.0 Run Datamanager to be sure all Addon Sceneries are current listed and use the latest Navigraph AIRAC.
If you go now to a distinct airport you see compared to Navigraph charts what's available and what is not.

By the way which scenery for Lhasa ZULS is recommended?
This airport (11700ft) and some others in South America are high altitude and require high altitude procedures...

Bernhard (LSZH)
PREPAR3D v4.2 FDS MIP, CDUs, Clocks, Shell, Liners,Tiller; FLIGHTILLUSION Brake-pressure, jaw-damper CPFlight: Overheads, Pedestal; MCP EFIS, OPENCOCKPIT Pedals; FCS: linked Yokes (modified); Weber-Seats on RAIL, ProSim B737 & Project Magenta with TSR, Aivalsoft EFB Version 2, Navigraph, FSC, BenQ1080 3 Beamer-Visual


Hi to all.

I will look into some of the airports too. The only thing is i have the SA ORBX libraries installed. I am not sure how this would affect the setup Sam has.

Trevor Hale

Hey, Joaquin Sam Has that same ORBX Scenery. But I also need you to post your availability in the Availability thread please.
Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA



Hi Trev, sorry about the gap but work has kept me a bit tight. I will get on it this weekend that I have some time. Also got to decide on the days I will be available to join you guys, at least for a couple of days.


Vincent T.

I've been tight with work too, I will have the list done tonight. In my list KORD is the one with most changes, it will need a full look. I won't be able to put in a spreadsheet I mean :)

The default scenery in KORD is way different from the current one in Navigraph.


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