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July 03, 2020, 04:29:02 pm

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More ?'s - annunciators?

Started by kattz, August 20, 2019, 05:18:59 pm

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Assume for a moment that I could get my hands on a boatload of OEM Korry 318 and 319 annunciators.

Does any company make decent placards for the annunciators to fit (or close to fitting) in the OEM models and look great?

Saw this on another thread in 2012 or so but was never answered.




I have been through this process not too long ago.

The proper clip in annunciator legends are only made by Korry (Esterline) and Gemini engineering. 
Korry will not sell the legend separately from the whole cap, which is usually around $600 per unit.

I had a back channel into Gemini and had some made up but I was far from happy with them.

In the end, I developed a process of restoring these and getting them re-engraved.
End results are perfect, and as they are still the original lens, they properly clip into the cap.

Where you will have trouble is with the blue legends. These can be re-done as they are reverse engraved.  I got 10 blank blue legends with my Gemini order as their reverse engraving machine was down, and I had them done locally.   I'm not sure if they would sell these by themselves.

Also when collecting annunciators, always get lots more than you think you need.  A lot of the older ones will have brittle caps, sometimes holes in the side of them from bulb burn, and the ribs that hold the legends on are prone to breaking off.

Its an arduous task, but it can be done. I ended up collecting the complete set for the entire cockpit in the end. 
I wouldn't pay any more than $20-25 per unit.


Thanks, Mick, I really appreciate the support!

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