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September 20, 2020, 07:50:05 pm

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How is your sound/speakers setup?

Started by helloo, October 05, 2019, 11:24:57 am

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Hello, how do you guys have your sound systems setup?  I have the avionics computer running the SIMA sounds and then my P3D computer which I currently do not have speakers attached.  Are you running two sets of speakers (one set connected to each computer)?  Or are you somehow getting all the sounds to work off of one machine?


A SimA sound module on each computer allows you to split sounds and have them coming from the right place.
Alarms and GPWS from the ceiling, engines behind you, avionics buzz , flaps, gear and ventilation from the MIP, wind from front, ATC from headsets etc etc
Your imagination is the limit.
(Engine sounds come from P3D)
SimA sound modules control and balance all kinds of sounds.



I run a multi-channel 6 computer setup:

P3D server: Runs a SimA sound module and the P3D native sounds
Three P3D clients (for visual display): Each projector runs P3D native sounds
Two SimA computers (for avionics):  One of these runs a second SimA module

In this way I have placed speakers in different areas of the cockpit related to the types of sound generated.  For example, engine sounds are towards the sides and back, base rumble is at the floor, cockpit voice audibles are in the ceiling, wind noise is at the front sides and front external (projectors).  I have the base volume set fairly high to the extent that it provides a vibration effect when doing a runway takeoff etc.

All this took some time to setup since I had to isolate the types of sounds (and volume) associated with each speaker.

The total package works well though.  The quality of sound coming from the native projector speakers is not very good of course but I only have wind noise assigned there, so not an issue.

Fred K
Boeing 737NG-800, Prepar3D v4.5, Sim-Avionics 1.964, SimSync multi-channel (curved screen), Optoma 1080GTDarbee projectors (3), Fly Elise warping, FSGRW weather, FDS OH panels and CDUs, SimParts MIP, FDS SysBoards (OH), CPFlight MCPPro and pedestal panels, FI Gauges, PFC controls, converted motorized TQ (SIOC), Weber seats

bernard S

October 05, 2019, 01:21:58 pm #3 Last Edit: October 05, 2019, 01:31:09 pm by bernard S
well i am always the one to be different ..i am running x3 rack mounted  amps big puppies   these look after the huge splers i have mounted externally to the building roof x2 , x2  wall and x3  under deck  for outside amibent  noises (its like bag pipe music great if played loud) these  then  go through a mixer .. if i feel like setting my neighbors off i turn up bass to shake building lol..  then i have 4 of the really big buttkickers in each seat  but i can not have these setb max or it shakes the whole cabin .yrs there is enough whatts to shake 27000 lbs of sim...   aircraft  warnings   atc  etc have their own pcs and comms via audio management computer from aircraft only regret is not enough turbine whine

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