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October 20, 2020, 12:44:38 am

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Saitek Switch panel nightmare!

Started by nunodaniel76, April 04, 2020, 12:28:19 pm

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Good evening members!

Last night during a load up of a flight, I've noticed that all of the sudden, my saitek switch panel stopped working the NAV,STROBE,TAXI and LANDING lights...they are always ON. Today the AVIONICS switch doesn't work also. I've tried different USB connections, re-installed the spad drivers (saitek drivers are a joke), but the problem persists. Any ideas? This saitek modules and it's configurations are so very poor...I'm using FSX Acceleration on Win10 - 850w psu. (And I have the USB power configuration set to no restrictions)
Thank you
Nuno Daniel


I hate to say it but welcome to Saitek.

My switch panel worked for a few years, now the avionics switch is dead, and occasionally the reset of the panel stops functioning. Was really fun when the mag switch kept momentarily pulsing to the off position in the middle of a flight  :o

When mine starts acting up, I unplug the USB  cable from the computer, then reinsert it and that seems to fix it most time. I may restart SPAD after plugging it back in.
Avionics switch is still dead though.

Wish I had a better answer for you.

Chief Pilot
Worldflight Team USA


Just 20 minutes ago, I managed to make everything work again...for how long I'm not sure. Somehow, several USB ports went back to windows power management control, although yesterday I've checked all of them and they were not under windows control :/ Anyway, after resetting the USB ports, just changed the connection to another port, ran SPAD and all the switches worked again! I'm not really sure how Saitek still exists in the market, considering all the bugs, poor hardware quality and support and just the fact of having a 3rd party programm (Spad) that works far better than their own drivers...I mean, shame shame shame! Thank you for your input on this nutty subject that is saitek modules :)


Hello, you need to use an external source for your Saitek, or connect the cables directly to the USB port that is connected directly to the motherboard,

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