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Programming a Turboprop in FSUIPC

Started by n4208t, June 12, 2020, 10:47:45 AM

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Anybody out there had luck programming a turboprop with FSUIPC?  I have a series of Ruscool King Air panels and while I can use the CAT 5 wiring, multiple boards, and the custom software from Ruscool I would like to consolidate the number of different boards I have and clean up the wiring.  I have Bodnar boards and I also have some Pokeys but I cannot find anywhere that lists the specific functions or offsets for a turboprop.

Some switches are obviously generic.  But others, like the inverters, generator resets, etc. are not.

I have gone through the list of all P3D commands; all of the commands I could find in the P3D SDK for SimConnect and I reread the advanced programming documentation with FSUIPC but I cannot find anything specific for programming a turboprop.  Also looked through the commands in SPADNext. 

I know that they exist.  P3Dv4 comes with a number of turboprops including a King Air but I also looked through all of the config, ini files and at least some of the xml files and I still could not find where P3D is assigning those functions.

Any help or suggestions?  Does anyone know of a resource for this or know which file(s) contains the listing of mapped functions in a given aircraft?

Thanks for any help.



Trevor should be along in a few with all the answers.  Ray too 😁
Sim 1:  F16, running Falcon 4 BMS - In Build using a mix of real and repro parts + Pokeys cards
Sim 2:  Light Twin / Single with RusCool EFD1000, RSG GTN750 and FI guages

Trevor Hale

Hi Steve,

I am using the Flight1 KingAir200 Model reconfigured to match the performance of the KingAir 350i,  I am using a mixture of FSUIPC offsets and Functions.

Like you I use to use a mixture of cards, now I am 100% Arduino and 1 Joystick Card for my TQ and Control surfaces.  I am using Generator switches via Offsets as well as The IGN Start Switches via offsets.  Not sure what your referring to, but the Gen and Starts are (JET) they are the same ones for helicopters and turboprops.

Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA



Thanks Trevor.  I went ahead and wired the Ruscool boards with the Cat5 cables and they are working fine (even with P3Dv5) so I will probably just leave it like that. I routed the wiring and will try to cover it up some as time goes on. My throttle quadrant is wired to two Bodnar boards and I have a flaps gauge in the TQ that is open cockpits so I was just trying to consolidate things and get the number of different boards down.

I figured out the engine starts as you noted before going back to the Ruscool setup but I never could find an offset or a way of getting the inverter programmed, even though I know it is doable.

I have to finish wiring some of the lighting and other switches which will go onto the bodnar boards and run through FSUIPC but the landing gear and gear lights will probably interface with the Ruscool setup since i got it from them.

Made some real progress today for a change!  Working on mounting those FI engine gauges off the the side of the panel on a 45 degree panel instead of selling them and 3D printed the big front/side windows.  Had to do it in three pieces and each piece took about 8 -11 hours but they came out nice and much cleaner and more accurate then what I was getting when I was trying to cut the correct angles out of wood.

Also got all the backlighting of the 4 sub-panels working.  Used a breadboard to make it easier to tie the multiple wires into the 12 volt dimmer.  That was really easy and worked well.

I am looking at the Flight1 B200 versus the new Milviz KA 350i even though I really am building a glass cockpit B200. Have not decided yet.  Since I will not be using any of their avionics, etc. it is really down to the flight model.  I like the fact that the Milviz was built specifically for P3Dv4.5 but I still am going back and forth. 

Thanks for responding.


Trevor Hale

Good luck with the Milviz.  In my personal opinion with my personal experience IT'S a POS.

I couldn't even get the engines to run because the TQ will not respond to FSUIPC calibration inputs.  Fine if you want to CTRL + E it but in this day an age messing with flight controls is really kinda dumb if you ask me.

If you choose to mess with LVARS, you might get somewhere but that aircraft is not for me.
Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA



That is very good information to know ... and avoid.   Thanks Trev.

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