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November 27, 2020, 12:01:40 pm

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Combine VR and hardware

Started by archen, November 20, 2020, 09:23:51 pm

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Hello all,

Now with the release of HP Reverb G2, I'm curious if anyone have successfully integrated a hardware cockpit with VR yet?

How did you do it and what's it like?


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Anders Simparts
Selling "Hard-to-get" simparts like authentic Engine starters, Autobrake, IRS mode selectors and N1&SPD Ref Switches.


I have an HP Reverb, not the G2 and I have used it with both PrePar3d and MSFS 2020 using my cockpit controls.  P3D works fine. MSFS 2020 is still hincky but getting better and I just used Steam VR and Virtual Desktop.  I used a combo of the program, itself, and SPADNext to map the controls.  P3D works great and is truly VR.  (So is X-plane on a different computer)  FS 2020 is gorgeous but not true VR (yet).

Also works great (and true VR) for DCS.  Have not gotten IL-2 Sturmovic to work yet.  Have some other flight programs but have not tried them yet.  Also use VORPx for some.

Experience in true VR is amazing.  Closest thing I have experienced (short of a full motion "real" simulator ... I was able to fly two of the Air Force's ones years ago) to being in a real cockpit.  Being able to control things with real hardware but use the VR to see inside and out is, for lack of a better word again, amazing.

HP is great.  Things are clear but not as crystal sharp as in 4K on a big monitor.  Really pushes the GPU and you definitely want a high end system.  I want to upgrade my video card, again, when you can finally get hold of them.  Currently running a 2070 on one and a 1080 on the other.



Interesting! Does it feel natural to use your hardware controls when using VR?

Is it hard to locate the controls when you can't see your controls?

Have you also tried using hardware switches?

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Anders Simparts
Selling "Hard-to-get" simparts like authentic Engine starters, Autobrake, IRS mode selectors and N1&SPD Ref Switches.


I have two setups.  One is the complete cockpit (KingAir) with all controls and switches and 3 55 inch displays and the other (on a different computer) is a Saitek X55 Rhino HOTAS.  The HOTAS is really easy with VR because everything is in reach and you can program the buttons and switches any way you want.  By keeping them to the major controls wanted/needed, I can keep my hands on both and never have to look for what I need.  Makes flying in VR very tight and natural.

In the KingAir, the yoke, rudders, and throttle quadrant including flaps and elevator trim are "naturals" for me and I easily remember and am able to control things with the headset on.  I have a full set of KingAir switch panels on the panel and, for those (with the exception of the gear lever) I generally have to peek by rotating the headset up slightly to see the switches.

I like using the headset for VFR flying.  I have a full G1000 setup in the KingAir and for IFR flying, I still much prefer the big screens for visuals and being able to see and use all of the controls and gauges.

It is also fun and interesting to switch back and forth.


FYI for those with VR Headsets or interested in same.  Just picked up Aerofly FS2 on Steam which has native VR support.  Scenery is weak but the program works great with both real controls or full virtual using the hand things that come with the headset.  Graphics in the cockpit are nice and clear and the immersion factor is pretty amazing.  Flew a biplane from San Diego to Catalina Island yesterday and today an F-15 from Seattle to LA.

Pretty active community for add-ons, too.

Am looking forward to VR in MSFS 2020 but, in the meantime, this is a stable and fun platform.  Aircraft handle pretty decent, too.


PS- if I can figure out how to record through the headset I will try posting a small video if it works out.

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