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More information from the ProSim Users

Started by Joe Lavery, September 29, 2021, 05:44:27 PM

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Joe Lavery

Hi all,

I see in the ProSim manual that there are tabs to enable drivers for CPFlight, FDS, Go-FLight and many more. Does that mean you don't need to install any of these drivers? Are they all part of the ProSim system?

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Hi Joe,

You for sure don't need to add FDS drivers. Prosim takes care of that. I believe it's the same for CP Flight, although you will want to install the CP Flight Test software to be able to test your CP Flight Gear from time to time, com ports and such. (note: The CP Flight Test software wont work if Prosim is running).  I don't have Goflight gear so can't speak to that. Generally if it's Native to Prosim..ie: you can see it listed under the Config Tabs , then Prosim will supply the drivers, you just need to tell Prosim  under the respective Tab that you have it installed. Do check the Prosim forum for help, a vast amount of information and people willing to help if you haven't already been. there
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Joe Lavery

Hi Ed,

I have the FDS cards working perfectly from the on board driver, and I love the way that ProSim Identifies the LEDs and switches. It makes setting them up a breeze.
I also checked the box for the CP Flight and Go Flight modules but they don't show up in the configuration list of IO Modules.
I have fairly old CPFlight kit but it was working fine when I was using it with PM. Although I have added the MIP board since, so I may strip that out and see if that's the problem.
Also none of the three Leo Bodnar cards are appearing in the IO list either. They work fine anyway, they are only used in the throttle, Yoke and Pedals, so it's not important.
In fact the Go-Flight Radios work with the original driver as well, so that's not an issue either. They are not the standard Goflight radios, I bought a pile of the original stripped down GF166 modules and mounted then behind my own panels. I don't know why they ever stopped making them, they're so easy to use and practically plug and play.

Anyway I'll have another go tomorrow and see if I can figure out what's going on.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain

Journalist - writer for  PC Pilot Magazine

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