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May 23, 2022, 10:32:43 PM

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Will Depart in...



What works anymore?

Started by blueskydriver, November 15, 2021, 01:15:43 PM

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Hey Brian,

Did your son and you get this sorted out? Looking too see how it turns out.... ;D

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Quote from: brianwilliamson on November 24, 2021, 09:28:01 PMSo if someone has some ideas on this It would be greatly appreciated.

Sadly, I tried using FlyElise Calibration Pro in the past and it falls far short of where it needs to be.

After several failed attempts at using the product, with all the cameras aligned perfectly and following their directions to the letter, I gave up and just aligned and calibrated the screen manually, with far better results. It was tedious and frustrating, but worth it. I did buy a cross laser to do the manual screen alignment... (Hint: Buy a green laser, not a red one)

I've yet to encounter anyone who has had any success with their automation tools.
Ray Sotkiewicz


I never use the camera process, just use the manual process within FlyElise. It works perfect every time.
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I agree with Ray...   Using a "self-leveling" vert/horz laser make life easy when calibrating the Grid pattern.  Without the laser, it is easy to misalign the pattern, resulting in a poor final display.

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