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Instructor Station - Luis Gordo


What is Instructor Station ?

In flight simulation, an Instructor Operator Station (IOS) is designed to assist the instructor in controlling the simulation training environment and monitoring all aspects of pilot/crew performance in the simulator. The instructor can control, via this software, all functions such as aircraft position and systems, meteorological, environmental, and situational parameters.

The Instructor Station is meant to assist Aviation Professionals, Flight Simulation Enthusiasts and Home Cockpit Builders using Microsoft® Flight Simulator (FS) 2004™, FSX™ and ESP™, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® and X-Plane®.

The Instructor Station allows setting the aircraft on an approach to a runway of choice under any weather conditions, start-up and shutdown network computers (fully customizable), program or set aircraft system failures at any moment, calculate the amount of fuel required for a flight and load it to the aircraft, record flight performance (approaches, manoeuvres, landings, take-offs, etc.) and plot it graphically, and many other things!

Compatible with all types of aircraft! It is also a great tool for anybody who wants to control the flight simulator externally.

Many features are also available for Project Magenta users (pmSystems, Glass Cockpit, CDU/MCDU, MCP/FCU), AST & FMGS JeeHell users.

Developed by a pilot, engineer & flight simulation enthusiast.



Flight Data Recorder Mobile video - showing features

Started by luisgordo, December 28, 2013, 02:58:18 pm

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Hi Folks,

I've posted a new video for the FDR app, showing features.  Another video will follow, with a short tutorial.

Happy New Year!

Luis Gordo


Hi Luis,

Thank you for posting this new video, as it encouraged me to purchase the program. However, I don't know how I did this, but I really managed to think this whole program was for flight simulation.

I mistakely assumed it was for FSX or Xplane10 because it was here on the CB and because of the Flight Instructor program (which is for FSX and Xplane) was mentioned. So, I screwed up by not reading your website in detail first...

This program is for use with a GPS device that can be used to track location data while flying a "real" aircraft (or other mode of transport) using an Iphone, Ipad and Ipod. In that regard, it looks like a great program; although, something like this is really needed in Flight Simulator as well.

Is there anyway you could make this program work for flight simulator by tracking the aircraft in FSX or Xplane, using FSUIPC or SimConnect?

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Hi John,

Sorry to hear you we're mislead. If you don't find a use for the FDR I will be happy to issue you a refund.

Also, regarding your request, the Instructor Station program itself already does this for use with FSX, XPlane, etc.: records all data for a flight so it can later be analyzed, data plotted, KML files created, etc.

Let me know if you have any specific feature requests so we can consider implementing.

Luis Gordo


Hi Luis,

You didn't mislead me, I just failed to do my part and read your provided infomation further... Currently, I have no need for the program, as I do not fly real aircraft; although, I wish I did because your FDR program is very useful.

As for Flight Instructor, it's great it has the features, but it'd be nice to see it have the same audio voice recording functions and Google map data that FDR has, but for flight simulator. The way you designed FDR is perfect for the sim cockpit because it's on Iphone or in my case, an Ipad. I'd like to see a way to use FDR and have it record my conversation with ATC (VATSIM) and/or other pilots in the sim.

Therefore, I could package this all the same for a vistor who happen to fly the sim with me, just like FDR does for real pilots. And, it could all be used to help showing good flight videos on YouTube.

Keep my money as that will help you develop more features; besides, it was my misunderstanding and not yours...  :idiot:

Best Regards,

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