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July 02, 2022, 03:22:18 AM

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FSUIPC loop hole?

Started by Mach7, December 12, 2021, 08:24:38 AM

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Hello All,

I posted this on the "autopilot engagement" thread, but thought I would add some fresh pics following my solution...(see Auto Pilot engagement...or Key2Mouse threads).

I printed (3D) panel that will house the yaw damper and autopilot momentary push buttons for AP and YD engagement, both work perfectly after identifying these functions with a keyboard stroke, (fsuipc mouse macro), then connecting the, (now listed), keyboard macro and assigning it to a hardware button through the 836x joystick board.

In fact, I was able to map the entire QW146 overhead panel and will eventually connect the functions that I previously had no access to.

To be honest, I was unaware that one could assign a hardware switch after adding a mouse marco to the drop down menu. I am using FS9 and all the information I have read from the SDK file was that most of the offsets and drop down menu's do not support a lot of the functions as compared to FSX, and of course this is true...but there is no mention, that I have read, bypassing this issue and adding to the drop down file via macro then connecting said function to a hardware switch....

This may be aircraft specific...that is to say maybe a mouse macro cannot be done on some of the payware aircraft...regardless this has this has solved a number of my problems and is actually was a leap forward in raising the platform of reality!

For example, you cannot connect the fasten seat belt switch with FS9...there is no FSUIPC drop down, nor is there an offset that you can enter for this function...it is just not available for FS9....HOWEVER...by creating a mouse macro over the fasten belts switch in QW146 overhead panel, then connecting it to the actual switch in the flight deck, and mapping it through the 836x board...i now have a functional fasten seat belt switch with chime included!

APU start stop is also not supported in FS9, but by using the above method I now have access to the APU and generator control from the flight deck switches!

Not a huge windfall...but now my instruments will show the fail flags until i select the battery on and either introduce external AC OR APU power generation.


Well done i am glad you got the mouse macro to work. As i said in your other thread i had to use it in FS9 for the exact same reason you did.Yes i have known it not to work on some payware planes so you were lucky. Pete even said it not gauranteed to work always


I'm just curious as to why you're staying with FS9 with said limitations? Why not FSX or P3D?

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Hey John,

I get asked that question a lot. I started this project over 12 year ago and now finally have it tweaked to my perfection. For what I have, I don't find it limiting, other than the visuals, but with Blueprint simulations,, I have very good visuals for the airports i fly in and out of. I also like the simplicity and enjoy the good frame rates provided by 2004 as opposed to FSX or otherwise. I might change it up someday...but not today..


FS9 was (and still is) a fine sim, stable and easy to tweak.



But I will say...if it wasn't for the support and help from all the individuals on this forum.......none of this would have happened for me....so a blanket thank you once again goes out to all who have contributed to my successful sim project.

I could NOT have done this by myself.

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